Printed Grosgrain Ribbon

Industry leading quality tapes printed with vivid details.

Product ID:JML-15-
Product Origin:Taiwan / China / Vietnam
Product Specification

  Printed Grosgrain Ribbon

【Printed Grosgrain Ribbon Width】
 6mm - 110 mm

【Printed Grosgrain Ribbon Material】
 Satin/ Taffeta/ Twill/ Grosgrain

【Printed Grosgrain Ribbon Color】
 Color yarn or On-Site Dyeing System

【Printed Grosgrain Ribbon Composition】
 Polyester (Trilobal/ Bright/ Semi-Dull), Spun Polyester

【Printed Grosgrain Ribbon Put-Up】
 200 to 400 meters (220-440 yards) per roll

【Printed Grosgrain Ribbon MOQ】
 10,000 yards

【Printed Grosgrain Ribbon Certification】
 OEKO-TEX Standard 100   
 ISO 14001

Why choosing Hemmay?

Manufacturer pricings, Premium qualities
-  Hemmay Group manufactures Oeko-tex stand 100 woven-edge tapes in our Global locations: Taiwan, Vietnam & India.
-  Hemmay has more than a decade of experience manufacturing industry leading woven edge ribbons
 for printing.

-  We have the most sophisticated Swiss Loom and On-Site Dyeing System, to meet any customization demands.

Product solutions with full customization
- Free design advice 
- Width:6mm - 110 mm
- Material:Satin, Spun, Cotton
- Color:On-Site Dyeing System
- Composition:Polyester (Trilobal/ Bright/ Semi-Dull)
- Put-Up:200 to 400 meters (220-440 yards) per roll


- OEKO-TEX Standard 100   
- ISO 14001

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