Heat Transfer Clothing Labels

Heat Transfer Clothing Labels are an alternative way to provide product identification for garments such as yoga or sportswear.

Product ID:JML-HT
Product Origin:Taiwan / China / Vietnam
Product Specification

  Heat Transfer Clothing Labels

【Heat Transfer Clothing Labels Washing Durability】
 Minimum 50 washes.

【Heat Transfer Clothing Labels Printing Color】
 1-4 colors

【Heat Transfer Clothing Labels Certification】
 OEKO-TEX Standard 100   
 ISO 14001

Why Choosing Junmay Label?

Manufacturer pricings, Premium qualities
-  Established in 1982, Junmay has over 30 years of experiences.
-  Multiple production sites across Asia, ship worldwide.
-  Nominated supplier for big brands, including Nike,Adidas,Timberland, Reebok, Puma,Mango.

Product solutions with full customization.
-  Junmay provides solutions for garments, footwear, baggage, and accessories.
-  Free design advice.

Industry leading facilities. 
-  Junmay is an ISO 14001 factory with industry leading European looms & Machineries.


Quality control
-  Products are tested with highest standards in color fastness, abrasion and restricted materials.
-  In house laboratories.

Global Exposure
-  Annually attend leading shows including OR Show, NW Show, NE Show, ISPO, TITAS.

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